Bingham Willis Seminars

The Bingham Education Tour 2013/2014 has been extended and will see Bingham perform more workshops and lectures in more institutions than ever before.

Bingham Willis has had the opportunity to present at some of the most respected universities and world marketing conferences across the globe, including Hong Kong’s Business of Design Week, Click Asia Summit, Unlimited Power Online Dubai, LSE Alternative Investment Conference, Marketing Innovation Forum Europe, Netherlands Institute of Marketing and Babcock Graduate School of Management.

Speaking and presenting alternative digital marketing concepts keeps Bingham busy for 200 days of the year. The rest of his time is spent with young entrepreneurs and digital visionaries to mentor them into successful young businessmen.

This lead to the Bingham Scholarship Programme where $250,000 is allocated to young professionals across the world for digital resources, professional advice and funds to support themselves while their dreams and ideas can be perused with no hesitation.

Focus for the grant will be placed on the protection of privacy, identifying areas for improved verification and enhancing digital security among youths.

In 2014 Bingham will tour more schools, universities and seminars globally to learn, teach and continue to be inspired by the incredible changes as our world evolves.

Tour Dates for 2014 to be announced shortly.

Bingham Willis – Tech Advances 2013 – University of Hong Kong.